Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here comes yet another movie by Benegal which talks about the problem faced in the villages. But this time it’s not a village from somewhere from North but it’s from down South. Bomon plays a driver in Mumbai whose root is from a village near to Hyderabad. He, one day, gets a letter from his brother and he rushes back to his village. And then the story about what happens there.
The story being with Boman’s boss shouting at him as he asked for a month holiday and showing off after three month. He fired him. Then only Boman puts his reason for being late. Initially boss was not ready but later he agreed and listened the whole story. Boman took us in flashback to his village when he reached there. His daughter, Muskaan, played by Minishaa Lamba, disagreed to the handpuller rikshaw man when he asked for water. She gave reason that there was water scarcity. Then Boman discovered that Government is giving loan to the person who wants to build well in their area. Boman thought that he can build this and can help the villagers as they used to walk long miles to fetch water. He approached the lady Sarpanch and then landed up in the Government office with the help of Sarpanch’s husband. He pays lots of money to the officers so that he can build well. But at the end of the day, well was there in files but not in real world. He was disappointed by this. And then how he solves this and come out if it is the whole story.
Sammer plays Arif Ali, a mechanic, whose father gave loan to the Chachaji, twin brother of Boman played by him, and Chachiji, played by Ila Arun. Ravi Kishen plays engineer who’s newly married to Sonali Kulkarni. He always tries to spend as much private time as he can with her. The cast and crew of this film and previous film of Benegal are almost same. The music is given by Shantanu Moitra and is good. The best of this movie is the Hyderabadi language which every character speaks. Benagal has also shown how Hyderabad nearby village girls is sold to the Sheikhs of Arab. He has once again shown the corruption that exists in the system. He has shown how one can use the RTI Act and can avail benefit. Over all is we analyse the movie, it’s a good. One will enjoy the characters portrayed by each actor. There is situational comedy here and there but perfectly placed. Go and enjoy the village and Hyderabadi language.