Friday, July 16, 2010

Tapri-The adda of students

Whenever one talks about the college days, our mind recollects those classes, those friends, those lectures and how professor scolds on bunking those lectures. One important part which every one miss is the Tapri.
Tapri is a place where we sit together, discuss about on the reason to bunk the lecture and whose lecture needs to be bunked. A place where one makes plan for the movies and talk about the on-going affairs of class. Where one with the smoke of every cigarette forgets the tension and assignments that need to be done. Where one sits for the whole day completing the assignments on an eleventh hour. This is place which is not as big as Café Coffee Day or any other big names to mention but a place where one gets the finest of experience and the best tea or coffee at a reasonable price.
Unlike any other college, Indira College also does have a Tapri which fulfils the all emotional support that a student would need in his college days. Located next to the Indira School of Communication building on the way to Indira National School, this is a small open area which is owned by Arun. It been opened since 1998. Since then many students from all over the campuses of Indira Institute come here for the refreshments. As you enter the small place, first thing you will notice is the chairs and table arranged by the side of the foyer. The place is been covered by the shed. On the right hand side you will see a small table where Arun takes the cash. There itself one would find all kind of cigarettes available. This place might be seen a very congested area, but as you enter little inside, you enter to the open hall with natural wind blowing.
One cross the kitchen and then enters the open area. As you cross the kitchen, you can smell the Vada Pav, Bhajji, which is been prepared. That brings water to your mouth and you are left with no option to just order. After crossing the kitchen, one reaches the open hall. There are three sitting arrangement made. One next to the kitchen, which is again under the shed, the next two is in an open area in opposite directions. During evening hours, you can see students sitting in large groups smoking and enjoying the Vada Pav or Bhajji. A student, Rishkesh, who is doing Masters in Mass Communication from Indira, says, “I come here for time pass, basically to smoke. We come in groups, have tea and sit chatting. It is the attachment towards this Tapri which brings us here”. The place is no less than a home and can be a perfect place to enjoy the nature. Sushant Singh, another student from same batch, says, “When I come in evening, the cold winds make the environment romantic. I can see the setting Sun and the cold winds blowing makes me romantic. I used to sit here having a hot glass of tea and enjoys the evening time”.
This place, with an open area makes it no less than a five star hotel or a well managed place. The area is open. It is been managed by a small family. The food one gets is crispy, oily, and is of reasonable price but yet it attracts every student. Not even boys, girls do come here and sit. Avidha Mitra, a student from Advertisement and Public Relation, says, “The place is not about boys or girls. The place is about the environment. Here it is open and the breeze is so cool that we can’t stop ourselves from coming here. We enjoy sitting here with friends during evening”. This is a place, which is ordinary for any other person. But for a student, it is a place more than a tea stall. It is a place where they meet. It is a place where they laugh. It is a place where they make plans. It is a place where they complete their assignments. It is a place where two hearts meet. It is a life for them. It is a part of life for them which is opened from 7 am till 9.30 pm, adding a new memory in their mind with every new day and passing of time. This place will be here for days to come, but they will leave with such sweet memory in their future. One day, they will get nostalgia sitting in an air conditioned room having a cup of filter coffee and remembering the unhygienic tea in a small glass in an open area.


  1. ryt.... our motto is not School chale hum,
    its rather "tapri chale hum" ;)
    nice article buddy.. keep it up