Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There is an old saying, “In the whole world there is nothing which is free. One pays for each and everything”. Long thing short, “There is no free lunch”. Some earn it, some steal it and there are some who grab. But among them, there are few who allow people to take their lunch. These, last type, are not saint. They would have been in ancient, but as per current situation, they are STUPID.
These people are really stupid that they allow other to take away their lunch and they sit and watch them doing this and keep saying, ‘Let him do. He is hungry and needy. One should help the needy’. They keep thinking that Mighty Lord is watching them and one day will give them reward. All their good deeds will be paid one day. Spending their whole life thinking this, at the end they are left with humiliation, feel of getting used by the people and the group increases each and every minute, hour, day, week, month and year. According to the Hindu Mythology, this era in which we are living is named as ‘KALYUG’. In other words, the humanity is lacking in this era. People around us are no less than a structure of a bones and flesh which can even cheat his brother if needed to climb the stair of success. They won’t think about it once before taking such a bold step.
The meaning of trust, humanity is missing like clouds from sky during summer in desert. No sign of evidence to a long distance. Finding humanity is like finding salt in water. In these worlds who are left behind are those who are human. Who are real human. But then, who needs human today. We need who are smart. Who thinks from mind not someone who takes decision from heart, occasionally. Those who can think from mind and can play the mind games are surely welcome in this world, else you are welcomed as a toy. A toy with whom these smart can play and improve themselves. After all, they need time for refreshments. We, those who are good by heart, are their refreshments. We come in their life as a toy with whom they can play, use according to them, make us fool emotionally, and then can throw away like a doll thrown away by a 16 years girl, for whom it holds no place in her life as the age with dolls are gone. We become a showpiece for dustbin. Again alone, quite thinking were we went wrong. We blame ourselves for whatever happened.
We blame our fate. We always find our self in place of culprit and think that we won’t let this happen again and next time we will do better in holding a relationship. We take all faults on our self but forget that it’s really we who are responsible for whatever happened. We allow others to use us as they want. The big fault is that, we are good. We have to forget our goodness which is of no use and make us a puppet. We are no puppet. We are also human made up of bones, flesh, mind and most importantly, which they lack, heart. We got heart and it really pains when someone breaks that trust. It does and the pain is unbearable which cannot be healed by any medication. It stays with us. But now, it’s time that this baggage needs a disposable. Throw this garbage and along with it throw away all emotions that make you weak. This time you need to be powerful and need to take command on your hand. This all emotional crap needs to be dumped and make yourself a strong to win this world. Believe and trust yourself. Let the devil within you come out to prevent the goodness in you. Else it will be affected every time and then it will lose the glow. Let the demon come in front and guard the innocent boy. Do not forget, “There is no free lunch. And you are not a lunch. Never be a lunch but if someone tries to make you a lunch, you eat him”.


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  2. Dear, u have written very beautifully and also the thoughts which u have expressed is true for the so called 'kalyug". we are good and always used as puppet by people. But always remember one thing dear, goodness is not something which we can buy, it is a gift from God. there is a possibility that, while being good, there can be a chances to be smashed every time, used by people, but for this they are gonna paid and this is a universal truth. please dis is my request to you, be as good as you can, help people being selfless, try to forget people who gives you the pain .... love each-other .... bhaiya, the feeling of being good and true is much-much bigger than being a bad n evil personnel.

    keep going .... think practically, do practically but never ignore what your heart says, never ever hurt anyone intentionally, Believe me, God is there, wo aapke sath bura nai hone denge .... if u are true n good, u r alwayz going to be hurt, ruin, smashed, but never be DEFEATED.

  3. yeah truely said.

    thanks for appreciation.