Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What’s hobby? Why it’s so important? What is has to do with person? Why it’s frequently asked? These all are few questions which come in my mind as I hear the word ‘HOBBY’.
According to the Oxford Dictionary meaning, it means, ‘leisure time activity’. But for me, it has something deep meaning. For me it’s not only the activity which one does on leisure time, but it’s something which can be one’s profession. People find ‘hobby’ is just an activity which can be done only in free time to get rid of the boredom. It’s more important than what it actually seems. Whenever we fill our C.V., we come to a column ‘Hobby’. If it got a space in our C.V. then definitely it has some importance which we can’t ignore.
But then why does it have been so important? Someone told me, ‘A person’s character can be easily known by one’s hobby’. This might be the one reason that this minute thing has got importance in our C.V., which is the first entrance in any organization. One have hobby depending upon his character. Like a creative person would have a hobby which has creativity in it as painting, dancing and other such thing. And surprisingly at the same time there are few who don’t have any hobby. On being ask they say, ‘Hobby? I don’t have any hobby’. Which implies that they are just machine who believes in doing the monotonous work appointed to them. Tell me which organization, in today’s competition world would like to have a machine when they already have many machine to do make their job easy. They need someone who can fight this competitive world and will win.
But hobby is not only important in corporate world, it also shapes a person. It’s a stress buster. It, on other sense, means, what one does to keep the energy level, enthusiasm alive within him. Hobby brings life to a person. Some dance when they fell sad so that they can bring out all negative energy out through their hobby. Some like to listen music when they fell low. Some read novels to get their energy level back. There are many who would go for trekking on holiday so that they can return to their work place ,next day, with full of energy and enthusiasm. Physiologists suggest having a hobby.
But in today’s world, we do everything but ignore what’s important, ‘Hobby’. I’ve heard people saying, ‘I like to paint but don’t have time’. They complaint that due to their tight schedule, they don’t have much time to follow their hobby. Working for the whole week, they need full rest on their off days. They hang out with friends, go for drink, sleep, watch stupid programmes on television but don’t take out an hour for what they like. ‘I’ve loads of work and don’t get time for the hobby’. This case is not only with the professionals and grownups, even children are following this. They would love to watch ‘Emotional Attyachar’, ‘WWE’ and other to name a few in place of their hobby. Then they complaint about the pressure of study and growing competition. Parents are pretty ok with it. For them the children should stand in merit list even if he would sacrifice his/her hobby. Getting rich is important than success. This is the new funda of the modern society.
If one would ask me, what I personally fell about ‘Hobby’, I would say, “I’m a simple person like any other having two eyes to see, two ears to hear, one mouth to speak, one nose to smell and other parts of the body to do different work but one thing which distinct and separate me from the crowd is my Hobby. There are many who have the similar hobby, but then this is magic of ‘Hobby’ that it distinct you even being in a group of person. There might be no one who could think like me. My interpretation of certain thing and presenting it in writing or painting or photography can’t be done by other person who has the same hobby. Every mind works on its own, differently. The work of mind is presented by your hobby. Doesn’t matter if your hobby is cooking, stitching, watching movies, traveling, or any sort which re energize you, re-built your enthusiasm, works as stress buster and makes you fell fresh, it distinct you from other. It’s a color of your life which once gone makes your life black and white. It totally depends upon you that in this modern world when there are more colors available, you want your life to be colorless. So what’s your HOBBY?”

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