Monday, April 12, 2010


Why in life we make mistake? Why we commit certain mistake that change life, forever? I sometimes, personally, feel that this all mistakes we commit or do unknowingly the fact that it can affect our life, very badly, is all planned. But then the second thought which comes to my mind is that, if it’s planned then why call it as mistake?
Like any other thing, as they say, mistakes can be of two types. First, which is committed on a daily basis and that mistakes are usual. Second, which are committed occasionally. In case one, our life is hardly affected and we can escape by simply saying ‘SORRY’. Whereas in second case, it’s hard to escape. It’s get more complicated as we try to solve it. The reason is yet unknown. May be the Time, the great HEALER; want to heal the wounds in hearts. But this, would say, turns one’s life totally upside down. One just can’t escape this mistake. Try hard, but believe me, you can’t. It’s a surprise by GOD in our life. It’s something is planned for everyone’s life.
Something similar was planned for me too. And as I said, it’s a surprise, so I was never aware that a hurricane is about to enter my life and would change it. It’s that, I recognized after it went. At that point, when I sat to analyze the whole disasters situation, I discovered that it would have been saved only if I would have given a second thought to my action which gave birth to it. Then I felt, how stupid I’m? I wish, and I mean it, would have known about the outcome if it. But if, I would have known the outcome, it wouldn’t have been a mistake. Now, I think sitting within a four wall and under a roof, how great this whole thing is. I laugh at my mistake and at the same time cry. That’s what I’m doing now. Laughing ‘cause, I’ve not checked my action. And crying, as I’m badly hurt from within.
I committed my mistake ‘cause I was coward. I wasn’t sure of my actions. Afraid of committing a mistake. And want to avoid the worst situation. And now, here I’m sitting after committing a BIG MISTAKE. How funny, isn’t it? The thing I was trying to escape unknowingly moved towards it. We do this. Trust me; we do this kind of act. This all ruined stuff was the outcome of my insecurity. I was insecure of my feelings. I was insecure of my strength. I was insecure about being me. I simply thought that lets take the easy way to face this. And yeah, the road was easy as it took me to the mistake easily without knowing that I’m moving towards it. The journey was great. Easy and fast.
But you all know, I learnt something from it. I gained it after losing some. It’s all about ‘Give and Take’ after all. What I learnt is, trust you. Trust what you are doing. I came to know the proper usage of Mind and Heart. Heart is for feeling and Mind is for thinking. Love someone from Heart but think about the actions to express it, from Mind. This is what will lead you to the proper destination. Never, I repeat, never mix this two. If you do, then GOD GIVES YOU POWER TO FACE DISASTER. No matter how much I can try to explain you, one will learn from its own. So be prepared to face at least one hurricane in your life, which will not only turn your whole life upside down but will give you the worthy lesson of life, FREE.

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  1. well said anubhav.We humans learn from our mistakes only. These only becum learning lessons for us,though some of d mistakes are truely IRREPAIRBLE...